Soul Proprietor of Radiant Wellness + Co-Creator of The Village Collective.

I am trained in Integrative Health + Functional Nutrition, Dien Chan Reflexology and Energy Medicine. My work focuses on root causes of imbalances and inflammation, with a focus on food sensitivities • digestion anxiety • adhd hormone • endocrine health. Using a combination of innovative technology, science + intuition, I work with the unique bio-individuality of each client. 

You are worthy of being a priority.

Life can be messy and full of interruptions and sometimes we just need someone in our corner: cheering us on and helping us solve some mysteries. 

Whether you are looking to increase your energy, improve your focus, reduce inflammation or just know what to eat with all the mixed messages out there - It would be an to honour to help you understand your bio-individuality so you can conquer your wellness goals. 


Bio Resonance +

Vibrational Medicine


Reclaim your healing.


Let's take an in-depth look
at your health and
get to the root of what is holding 
you back from living your most radiant life. 

Identify energy blockages, areas of inflammation, pathogens + incompatibilities



gut health / hormone support 

food sensitivities / allergies inflammation / pathogens deficiencies / root causes 


Integrative +

Functional Nutrition

Be nourished. 

Want more energy?

Less inflammation? 

Do you struggle with digestion 
discomfort, skin issues or hormone imbalance? Do you get sick often or struggle with quality sleep? 


Do you have picky eaters + food sensitivities in your house and feel overwhelmed with what to feed everyone?  


customized menu planning

allergy testing

detox + cleanse support 

Creative Workshops +
Learning Labs

Live with intention. 


Need some inspiration so you can get your goals out of your head and into action?

Wish you and your partner were on the same page?

Looking for a creative & inspiring way to connect with family, friends or co-workers?


goal setting / vision boards / team building 

mala making / crystal grids

school + corporate presentations 

bridal showers / women's circles 


(by appointment)


@ The Village Collective Studio

MONDAY 9:30a-3:30p

THURSDAY 9:30a-7:30p

 SATURDAY 10:00a-2:00p


@ Radiant Wellness Clinic (Westgate)

TUESDAY 11:30a-4:30p

WEDNESDAY 1:00p-4:30p

FRIDAY 9:30a-12:30p









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