Based on the ancient topical herbal remedy, Balm of Gilead. It has been known to reduce inflammation, soothe the skin protect the immune system, eliminate pain, speed healing, soothe the stomach, and detoxify the body. One of the most common uses is as a chest rub when you are congested/have a cough. 


Beeswax, balsam poplar oil in cold pressed organic Alberta canola oil + fireweed flower essence


Adorned with a pink petalite stone.

30ml jar. 


This medicinal formula is made with love by Bare Apothecary for The Village Collective. 


Fireweed Flower Essence, as the first plant to grow after a fire, is a medicine of regeneration and rebirth. This allows one to tapping into vital energy, and alchemical integration of trauma. 


Pink Petalite strengthens the emotional body while releasing fear and worry. It is known as a stone of compassion encouraging flexibility while maintaining gentle strength.


i am resilient | trauma balm


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